100% whole flower, fresh frozen at harvest. Freezing preserves the the strain’s terpene profile, original flavor, and fragrance. We use a butane solvent extraction process to create our live resin, resulting in something between a wax and a sauce.

Fresh frozen means taking harvested cannabis and removing all the leaves, branches, and stems, leaving only trim and bud. Then we take these fresh buds and place them into an industrial freezer set at -38 degrees Fahrenheit, locking in all the delicious terpenes and cannabinoids until it’s ready for extraction at a later date.

Liquid Diamonds™ is taking THC-A crystals and converting them to a liquid state, homogenizing it with HTE, and then filled into one of our various hardware options. The same full spectrum experience and taste of live resin diamond sauce dab with the convenience of a delivery device in your pocket! We developed a proprietary Liquid Diamonds™ process that brings you live resin with no additives, distillate, or non-cannabis adulterants.

The name distillate refers to the cannabis purification process that removes and separates the cannabinoids, such as THC or CBD, from all of the waxes or undesirable compounds of the original plant, including terpenes. The final product has been systematically stripped of all materials and compounds except for THC and CBD cannabinoids.

Terpenes are highly aromatic compounds that determine the smell of cannabis, as well as many other plants and herbs. Some people believe that terpenes will affect or enhance the high a person gets from using cannabis, which is known as the entourage effect, implying that terpenes enhance or alter the effects of THC and CBD in the body. Terpenes may also offer some health benefits to the human body.

Cannabis derived terpenes are extracted and sourced directly from cannabis plants. Cannabis-derived terpenes smell and taste just like the flower they came from and when mixed with distillate can have a more synergistic entourage effect than non-cannabis terpenes. Natural (or botanical) terpenes are extracted from non-cannabis sources, such as plant or fruits. Non-cannabis terpenes have no known psychoactive effects and are usually used to enhance taste and smell.

Full-spectrum means a cannabis concentrate produced that preserves the full cannabinoid and terpene contents of the raw cannabis plant. The goal of a full-spectrum extract is to maintain the complex range of desirable compounds in a cannabis plant without altering them through decarboxylation or oxidation.

When certain cannabinoids and terpenes are synced together, you get what is called the entourage effect. It is a proposed mechanism by which cannabis compounds other than tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) act synergistically with it to modulate the overall psychoactive effects of the plant. Cannabis strains have unique effects and benefits, and their behavior may change in the presence of other compounds.