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Premium concentrates to liven
up your daily dab experience.


Buddies Brand is built on trust. 
Trust that only the highest quality ingredients go into everything we make.  Trust that we are always listening and giving you exactly what you want.  Trust that our products are real.  Trust that we have your well being at heart.


Our Products Come From Where You Come From

Buddies Brand doesn’t outsource our production to third-parties.  We only use the highest quality locally sourced supplies that go into locally sold products.

Real Cannabis Derived Terpenes

Buddies Brand has perfected it’s own Patent Pending method of producing real Cannabis Derived Terpenes.  When we say its real, we mean it came from the same flower your products did.

We Know You Care

Buddies Brand believes in the concept of Farm to Cartridge.  Everything we make can be traced back to the exact farm and strain.  We are 100% transparent about everything we make.  You won’t find fake ingredients in any Buddies Brand products

Truly Great Products

We strive to make every product we manufacture unlike anything you have ever tasted before.   We believe that our products are unique and amazing.  You will never get the ‘same thing –  different package’ from Buddies Brand

Join Us

We want Buddies Brand to become your brand of choice.  We will constantly strive to earn that place.  Join us and become Buddies!