Wedding Cake Takes Us Through Panic and Distancing

When looking to recover from the stress of this national emergency, our Wedding Cake Liquid Diamonds Cartridge gets you figured out. Our THCA crystals, or our diamonds, are highly potent in THC and have an excellent clean taste. We pair this with our sauce, concentrate rich in terpenes, to fill out the taste to rival the Wedding Cake flower so popular in markets across America. 

Perfect to sleep days away, our Wedding Cake relaxes and uplifts, getting you situated to go through your whole fridge. Most of us have little to do with the rise of curfews and lockdowns, so there’s no better time for a strain that can help you veg out guilt-free. 

Wedding Cake is rich in limonene, which gives the sweet, delicate citrine taste to the strain. Limonene commonly uplifts moods and creates a spirit of well being after ingesting it. This effect pairs with the caryophyllene content of Wedding Cake. Caryophyllene reduces anxiety and inflammation, so it further enriches a feeling of well being. Finally, myrcene finishes off the dominant terpene profile to give Wedding Cake a herby and sharp taste. 

Wedding Cake: How To Get The Best Out Of It

For those suffering from general depression or temporary malaise from external circumstances, pick up a cartridge. It melts away stress and helps accept that the best thing we can do right now is social distancing. Get the nagging need to get back to work off your mind with Wedding Cake this quarantine season. 

Potential negative side effects are cottonmouth, dry eyes, and maybe some lightheadedness. Those who are inexperienced with potent products might find themselves experiencing paranoia. The best things to avoid these negative effects are to stay hydrated and to smoke less than you think you should. Stay safe, and everything will be super mellow. 

Ranging from $30 to $40 at different locations in California, Buddies Brand Wedding Cake Live Resin Cartridges are a smart grab. From many delivery services, a cartridge alone will get you close to a minimum purchase fee for delivery. Stay safe, responsible, and most importantly, lit through this crisis. 

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