Tips For Cleaner Vaping, Dabbing, And Smoking

At Buddies Brand, we believe in offering any further education to our customers to potentially aid them in better utilizing the herb. Cannabis has so many different ways of being consumed, and there are pitfalls within each category. There is a cleaner, and possibly more effective way of vaping, dabbing, and smoking cannabis.

It’s necessary to keep your smoking experience as clean as possible for multiple reasons. The first being flavor; if you’re not smoking out of a completely clean device, you’re probably not going to get a truly strain-specific experience. There will be residue from previous smoke seshes. Similarly, if you’re not properly cleaning your banger after a few dabs, it’ll get burnt and dirty very quickly.

Low-Temp Vaping

If you have the option of using a PAX pod, or 510 thread battery with multiple heat settings, you may want to consider vaping at lower temperatures. By vaping your cartridges at lower temperatures you lower the risk of damaging the cart with heat, or burning your oil too hot. Also consider taking breaks in between rips so you don’t overheat the coils.

When you overheat the coils you may see a darker discoloration at the bottom of the oil chamber. Another issue that may arise from back-to-back pulls is oil leaking into the mouthpiece. By experimenting with lower temperatures on your battery you may minimize or eliminate these issues with cleanliness both in your smoke and in the device itself.

Cold-Start Dabbing

Cold-start dabbing can be a highly effective method for getting the most out of your oil, as well as keeping your banger more easily clean. By first putting your oil into your banger, then applying heat slowly with your torch until the oil begins to bubble, you then cap the top and enjoy. You may end up applying a little more heat to finish off the dab, but be careful of overheating.

Overheating your banger during a cold-start could result in charring the piece. While the remnants of the oil are still warm from dabbing, this is the ideal time to bring in a Q-tip for easy cleaning. If you feel like going the extra mile, barely dip the Q-tip into some rubbing alcohol before swabbing the banger for a squeaky clean piece. Some users even argue that cold-start dabbing better maintains the terpene profile of any given concentrate. You’ll also be spending less time overall applying mass amounts of heat to the banger, thus giving it a longer life.

Bongs & Rigs

More than anything with your bong or dab rig, frequently change out the water. If your bong or rig has any water sitting in it for too long, it may start to build bacteria within it. Not only does leaving old water in a piece potentially produce bacteria, it also throws off the taste of the current terps you’re trying to enjoy.

It’s almost good practice to empty the water out of your bong or rig after each smoke sesh. Performing weekly deep cleans is also a solid practice in keeping your smoking experience as clean as possible. An effective method for cleaning a bong or rig is mixing rubbing alcohol, water, and sea salt into your piece. Then let it sit for a few minutes before swishing the contents around until all the gunk has left the inner walls of your bong or rig. Rinse thoroughly with water to get all of the rubbing alcohol and salt out, let it dry, then you’re good to go.

Blunts & Joints

You have every reason to be concerned about sharing any blunts or joints during these scary times with the coronavirus. In any case of smoking with friends, it may be a good idea to keep a strict “roll-your-own” policy. This way everyone has personal joints or blunts and will get way more lit. If you insist on sharing a blunt or joint with someone, consider bringing your own mouthpiece to affix to the tip to maybe lower the risk of transmitting germs. Rolling the personals may be your safest bet during the time of a contagious virus.


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