Three Dope Artists Buddies Brand Found In Los Angeles

Buddies Brand was recently a part of Respect My Region’s Jam Sesh celebrating their 9-year anniversary near MacArthur Park in Los Angeles, CA. As a firm supporter of cannabis culture and the arts, we were thrilled to be involved with an event that brought together local brands, influencers, advocates, and artists. With where our booth was set up, we were the main entrypoint to the music area. We were thus able to hear everything perfectly while educating guests about our products.

The line-up of artists that evening included performers from Washington, Oregon, and California, the same West Coast states we currently operate in. The genres varied from pop to hip-hop and reggae, the last two being notorious supporters of the herb. Three artists really stuck out to us from their captivating performances to the point that we felt the need to give them a little more shine.

Two out of the three following artists are making big waves in Southern California’s reggae music scene. The third artist is a newer face in Seattle’s hip-hop scene, and layed down a bevy of relatable bars that had us vibing. Learn more about Dread Kennedy, The Late Ones, and Allen DeShae below.

Allen Deshae

Allen Deshae is a rising emcee from Seattle that Respect My Region flew out to kick-off the evening. He began the night of music with a flurry of introspective, thoughtful, and intricate bars over classic West Coast beats. Back in December 2019, he let loose a commendable single called “Different Now” showcasing the level of quality he’s bringing into 2020. He’s undoubtedly going to produce a slew of quality content to make his name known in the new decade.

Dread Kennedy

Dread Kennedy grew up in both Long Beach and Carson, CA, and has been in love with music since birth. As a Polynesian, of Samoan descent, he’s always been surrounded by language, music, and dance. He’s built a considerable empire of feel-good music as the lead singer of SoCal band @ItalVibes, vocalist in @JoshHeinrichs, and Voltron Band. Within the last two years, he’s made a praisable impression as a solo artist with the release of his first single “Mr. Music Man” back in 2018.

A stellar vocalist, Dread Kennedy’s talents also lie in songwriting and freestyling, and has ample recognition from his peers. It’s a common occurence to see him pulled on the stage for a jam during any big performances from the likes of @CollieBuddz, @FortunateYouth, or @TribalSeeds to name a few. He’s gone on to perform at notable festivals such as the One Love Cali Reggae Fest, as well as Reggae on the Mountain.

With just an acoustic guitar, Dread Kennedy literally lit up the room with riddim. Dread drew a noticeable crowd as his infectious upbeat reggae rhythms gripped everyone listening. By the end of his set he had some instrumental backing from DJ Lavenge and everyone was dancing. He had an incredible energy that possessed everyone in the room in a way that was laid back, yet energizing and uplifting.

The Late Ones

The Late Ones are a family trio of vocalists that include brothers Tui and Tau Avei, along with their cousin Josh Brunson. Their group formed in Gardena, CA, and is now based out of Laie, Hawaii. You could describe their music as being strongly built on roots reggae with noteworthy influences from hip-hop, R&B, and jazz. They’re able to create an enjoyably diverse blend of sounds to create a youthful vibe that still panders to the old-school reggae crowd. The Late Ones music is like a pool of entrancing melodies and conscious lyricism.

Their name “The Late Ones” pays tribute to all of the late and currently influential musical revolutionaries they pull influence from. This can range all the way from non-living legends such as Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Steve Biko, and John Lennon, all the way to living legends such as Jurassic 5, Kendrick Lamar, and Steel Pulse.

As the last official performance of the evening at Jam Sesh, it took a minute for the lingering crowd to realize what they were dealing with. The Late Ones were able to reignite a haggard attendance back into an uproar. Between their three vocal stylings, they had an unparalleled presence that perfectly rode out the end of the night.

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