Oregon: Purple Hindu Kush Might Get You Through

During times of stress, limonene is many of our best friends. The bright terpene is behind some of the most uplifting sativa effects, but it also keeps indica profiles subdued. Limonene rich indica strains, such as our Purple Hindu Kush, offer relaxing highs without the typical sluggish or sedative effects indicas are known for. Throughout this lockdown, many of us will rely on such strains to stay sane. 

Instead of being restricted to a bedtime strain, Buddies Brand Purple Hindu Kush Distillate Cartridges are liberating for patients looking for uncomplicated daytime pain relief. Our terp sugar and other concentrates offer more potent options. 

Powered by caryophyllene and pinene behind limonene, Purple Hindu Kush is a healing strain that helps settle the mind. It also excels for nighttime use. Our Buddies cartridge does justice to the fruity flavor of the strain and provides a potent rip. 

For lazy and sleepy days through lockdown and isolation, Purple Hindu Kush is the strain to rip. Its fruity flavor is a good taste to have throughout the day, and if we’re waiting to restart society, it’s a steady companion for isolation. 

Watching movies and listening to albums is a joy with the atmospheric and psychedelic high of Purple Hindu Kush. The headspace is one easy to drift into and becoming immersed in whatever happens to be nearby. 


Purple Hindu Kush: to Sleep Or not to Sleep

For those inexperienced with indica cannabis strain effects, Purple Hindu Kush might be a knockout. The potent relaxation of the strain is easy to nap into, but those used to such ease will find it pleasantly stimulating. The taste mixes sour berries with spicy earth. It’s an easy hit to maintain for serious sessions, but a few puffs will get the moderate consumer where they need to be. 

Suggested activities include anything you would like to do. With excellent results treating insomnia, Purple Hindu Kush could be what someone needs to get a good night’s rest. However, it may be effective for many people suffering from stress, pain, anxiety, and depression. 

This indica strain is welcoming to try, and could crucially help in limiting stress these upcoming months. Our Purple Hindu Kush cartridges come in CCell and Pax Era compatible versions. Give yourself a break and try out a half gram today. 


2 thoughts on “Oregon: Purple Hindu Kush Might Get You Through”

  1. Where can I find this cartridge in Beaverton, OR? It’s the best indica I’ve ever had and excellent for sleep and pain. I’m dying without it!

    • Hi Charlie! You can call any of your local dispensaries and ask about their Buddies selection. Chasing strains is just part the fun. Let your budtender know you want an experience a lot like PHK and ask for strains with similar terpene profiles (high in limonene, caryophyllene and pinene). Our top three terps are clearly labeled on all of our boxes, so you can always tailor the experience you want. Cheers!


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