Liquid Diamonds Live-Resin

When Buddies Brand first launched in Oregon back in August of 2017, we set out to create unique cannabis products that could give consumers exactly what they want. Aiming to provide customers with the best product at affordable prices, the Buddies extraction team spent weeks, months and years working to perfect our extraction methods and identify the best forms of cannabis extracts. 

One day out at our Grants Pass farm and lab, we perfected the way to extract freshly frozen cannabis flower and create a liquid form live resin.  This exciting discovery led to the creation of our Liquid Diamonds ™ line which is currently available in CCell cartridges, Drippers and PAX Pods. 

For these Liquid Diamonds, we engineered a process that actually reduces live-resin “diamonds” to a liquid state that is quite ideal for people who enjoy vaping with cartridges and pods. This unique process produces a live resin product that boasts consistent THC percentages between 60% and 80% as well as terpenes between 4-15%. 

If you’re a numbers person, the terps don’t lie. 

Because we’re extracting with freshly frozen cannabis flower, the terpenes have been preserved and protected in the cannabis. This preservation and extraction method significantly ads to the notable flavor profile and efficacy of each strain.

With every single one of Buddies Brand live-resin products, you can trust that the flavor profile will be consistent with the listed strain. 

You can trust that we never add distillate to our live-resin carts, live-resin dabs, or PAX pods. 

You can trust that we’ll never reintroduce any kind of terpene (botanical or cannabis) to our live-resin. 

While many companies have decided to offer consumers a different type of live-resin product, we’re committed to delivering the best live-resin without adding in any terpenes, distillate, or flavoring. 

We strive to keep our customers in the know about where and how we get the ingredients for our products. When it comes to the Liquid Diamond Live-Resin you know exactly what you’re getting every single time. 

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  1. I have been enjoying vaping for some 3 year, and this is the only brand that includes such a proprietary extraction process that redefines and preserves the term “full spectrum.” It is the only and best brand on earth. Long time ago I thought it would really be neat if they could put DABS in a cartridge. Thanks Buddies


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