Liquid Diamonds Live-Resin-THC


Buddies Brand™ is committed to bringing the most diverse cannabis products to our customers. In the search for creating a new unique product we found something amazing in the form of our live-resin Liquid Diamonds™. While experimenting with new forms of extraction out at our Grants Pass farm and lab, we perfected a method for extracting freshly frozen cannabis into a liquid form of live-resin. This discovery led to the development of our Liquid Diamonds line which is currently available in CCell cartridges, Drippers, and PAX Pods. 

What you’re getting with our Liquid Diamond™ line of cannabis products is pure live-resin with no added distillates or terpenes. Our process of engineering live-resin “diamonds” into a liquid state is ideal for those who enjoy vaping. Through our unique process, any live-resin product we produce boasts incredible THC percentages between 60-80% and terpenes anywhere between 4-15%. These consistent levels of potency come without us adding anything to the mix. You can trust that we’ll never reintroduce any kind of terpene (botanical or cannabis) to our live-resin. 

We’re firmly committed to delivering you the purest form of live-resin without adding in any terpenes, distillate, or flavoring. You get exactly that with any of our Liquid Diamonds™ live-resin products guaranteed. 

When you’re extracting freshly frozen cannabis and turning it into high-grade butane hash oil (BHO) to produce live-resin “diamonds” there’s no need to add anything in. The resin glands in cannabis plants remain flush with essential oils when frozen within an hour of harvest. By then, turning that frozen cannabis into BHO we’re ensuring the highest levels of retention of terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. Our Liquid Diamond™ Live-Resin is giving you the pure flavor and effects of the cannabis plant they came from with no substitutions.

At Buddies Brand, we fight tooth and nail to keep our customers well informed on how we create our unique cannabis products. When you’re creating cannabis products as pure as ours there’s nothing to hide. You know exactly what you’re getting every single time with our Liquid Diamond™ Live-Resin. If you’re a numbers person, the terps don’t lie!



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