In California, You Can Get Liquid Diamonds Delivered!

In the state of California, they allow for recreational cannabis products to be delivered right to your front door. This convenient method truly allows any cannabis consumer the level of privacy they potentially want, and definitely deserve. Some cannabis consumers express the desire for the ability to purchase cannabis products outside of a dispensary for countless reasons. Physical disability, discreetness, social anxiety, or bedriddenness are a few of the immediate reasons cannabis delivery services are a godsend.

Buddies Brand™ happily came into California’s recreational market within the last year. Since then, we’ve come to build some phenomenal relationships with delivery services throughout the Golden State. With all of the commotion surrounding illicit vapes and non-cannabis derived ingredients, we’re especially happy to help anyone of legal age get clean cannabis products. Buddies Brand™ has been preaching cannabis-derived terpenes since 2017; we even have patents on our single-source form of extraction.

Our Live-Resin Liquid Diamonds™, and distillate plus cannabis-derived terpenes are the only vape products that never were under investigation and have remained completely legal and compliant in California, Oregon, and Washington. Buddies’ patent-pending method of extraction allows us to utilize freshly frozen cannabis from our own farms in each state to extract ample cannabinoids and terpenes. 


There’s currently no other brand that’s in all of our three states of operations that can make these claims honestly. Buddies Brand™ vape products are made with top-of-the-line vape technology and are filled with cannabis-derived ingredients only. There’s no need for filler or additives when you produce cannabis oil as pure, potent, and clean as us.

CA Delivery Services That Carry Buddies Brand™

Top Shelf Express Delivery (San Jose)

If you reside within the greater San Jose area, you may be able to get Buddies Brand™ delivered right to your doorstep. With Top Shelf Express Delivery we’re able to get you what you need without you ever having to leave your house.


Cannabeasts Delivery

CannaBeasts Delivery curate an incredible online store that hosts a wealth of Buddies Brand™ products. If you’re looking to try something new from us and live within the Sacramento area, CannaBeasts will get it right to your front door.

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