How Does Buddies Brand Liquid Diamonds Live-Resin Maintain So Many Terpenes?

Buddies Brand Liquid Diamonds Live-Resin is the truest representation of a cannabis strain our patent pending method of extraction can produce. The process that goes into making live-resin is no secret—it’s fresh frozen cannabis. By taking cannabis flower and immediately freezing it within an hour of harvest you capture the massive essence and smell/flavor of a given strain. Leaving cannabis out to dry and cure will only lessen the presence of specific terpenes, such as monoterpenes like myrcene. Some companies may purchase biomass for extracting live-resin from outside sources, or even worse, add non-cannabis derived flavorings to boost the taste.


Where Buddies is keeping a leg up on the competition is our ability to manufacture everything in-house. We have farms and labs across Oregon, California, and Washington that enable us to cultivate our own pesticide-free cannabis, make sure it’s immediately frozen upon harvest, and then personally extract it. We go out of the way to ensure all of our oil goes into dependable hardware such as CCells, PAX Pods, and drippers. By keeping our operations vertical, transparent, and honest, the quality of our Liquid Diamonds Live-Resin flourishes. 


The flavor profile and efficacy of a given strain goes through the roof when it’s freshly frozen before extraction. By immediately freezing all of our flower we ensure that our oil remains “live.” This keeps the resin glands brimming with terpenes instead of plant material when we go to extract. Resin glands on the plant are able to develop more terpene mass when they don’t have any time to cure in the open air. Live-resin is a form of high-grade butane oil (BHO) that’s widely known for retaining the highest terpene levels during extraction. 


So, combining it with our in-house fresh frozen cannabis, excluding all stems and large fan leaves, you get a purely potent product. Buddies is extracting the highest quality cannabis, using the most careful methods of keeping it at its apex level of active cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenoids. Dabbing enthusiasts reach for this type of BHO extract for the simple fact that it tastes better.

5 thoughts on “How Does Buddies Brand Liquid Diamonds Live-Resin Maintain So Many Terpenes?”

  1. Please send sativa live resin like GRAPEFRUIT cartridges to MMD on Washington Blvd Marina Del Rey….they and ERBA on Pico Blvd..LA. Calif. got lots of hybrids and indica….but no sativa only cartridges.

  2. What’s the deal with the cured resin carts I saw on 4/20 in Spokane Washington?? Are those ever going to be available again? They were fiiree!


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