Freshly Frozen Cannabis Preserves Terpenes 

For all Buddies Brand live-resin products, we choose to ONLY extract with one hundred percent freshly frozen cannabis flower. What does that actually mean? We freeze our cannabis flower immediately once we harvest it and then we do our extraction process with this material. These methods help preserve the cannabis terpenes at a much higher level than cannabis that hasn’t been frozen immediately or wasn’t frozen at all. 

If you ask many cannabis farms about their drying process, smokable cannabis is often left to hang and cure in an open space that actually dissipates terpenes and decreases overall flavor rather quickly. Cultivators usually have a set time and special environment for their dry and cure process but the fact remains that too much time in the open air can make the resin glands on a plant dry up.

Within less than an hour of cutting down our crops, we have our cannabis frozen to ensure the terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids remain “live.” The methods Buddies Brand currently utilizes are keeping the flavor and THC-a strength intact from soil to oil. 


What is Live-Resin?

Live-resin is a form of high-grade butane hash oil (BHO) that is known for boasting high terpene retention. By freezing our cannabis right after harvest, then extracting with that higher-grade material, it produces far less plant material within the plant’s resin glands. These resin glands are the home base for where terpenes develop and utilizing fresh frozen cannabis helps the resin glands develop more terpene mass. 

The flavor profile and efficacy of each strain are sizably boosted when people choose to do live-resin extraction with fresh-frozen cannabis. 


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