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Buddies Brand™ began in the humble state of Oregon at our Grants Pass lab where we made our first breakthroughs in extracting cannabis oil. So naturally, we do great business all over the state, Bend especially. Any legal cannabis consumer can find Buddies Brand™ products North, South, East, or West when you’re visiting Bend, OR. The charm that this area of Oregon presents is palpable from the moment you step foot into the city limits. Sprawling views, majestic rivers, and lava tubes await you after getting all the Buddies™ products you need to keep the adventure going.

As a matter of fact, you can find Buddies Brand™ products at any dispensary in all of Bend. That’s right, we’re in all 18 of them. This is a direct result of the relationships we cultivate with our retailers, and the trust we’ve built with our customers. Whether you’re doing business with us on the retail-end, or buying our products in the store—you’re family. We strive to create the most reliable products, and maintain business in the same fashion. We’re fortunate to have grown enough as a company to always supply ample inventory to all of our accounts due to our brutal honesty.

We extract cannabis for dabbing, drippers, and cartridges in our labs from our own farms in Washington, Oregon, and California. Buddies Brand™ goes the extra mile to grow top-notch cultivars that grab your attention, and boast high potency in both cannabinoids and terpenes. All of our cannabis is freshly frozen directly after harvest to maintain apex levels of terps, flavonoids,and cannabinoids. By combining this prime plant matter with our patent pending method of extraction we’re able to produce a product that’s consistently potent. Our Live-Resin Liquid Diamonds™ product line is the perfect example of how flavorful and high in full-spectrum cannabinoids oil in a cartridge can be. Our method of extracting live resin yields THC percentages firmly between 60-80% with the terps ranging anywhere from  4-15%.

When you visit any recreational cannabis shop in Bend, OR and see Buddies Brand™ products on the shelf, you know exactly what you’re getting. Cannabis oil that is just that—distillate with sauce or live resin all from the same source. We wouldn’t be where we are today if we cut any corners on producing cannabis products that are compliant in three states. The state of Oregon has come to trust our process for producing cannabis oil that’s tried and true. Ask for Buddies™ next time you head to your local shop in Bend.

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