California Loves Buddies Brand’s Sour Dawg Liquid Diamonds Pax Pods

When Buddies Brand™ came to California we couldn’t wait to see what the consumers of such a cannabis-friendly state were favoring with our products. The numbers have come back showing that our Sour Dawg strain that comes in Liquid Diamonds™ Pax Pods is more than a crowd favorite. This sativa-dominant strain has genetics that showcase two particular terpenes. By crossing Sour Diesel with Chemdawg you get a lot of caryophyllene and myrcene. What this translates to is a peppery sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a little kick to it that will stimulate your brain, yet quell any anxiety.

The reason we chose to extract our Sour Dawg crops using our patent-pending method to produce live-resin Liquid Diamonds™ are the terps. By taking two sativa-dominant hybrid strains we’ve doubled down on the cerebral jumpstart caryophyllene gives this strain. With the hustle and bustle of Californians, it’s no surprise that this strain has been coming back ahead of the rest. Caryophyllene is a classic terpene in the world of sativa strains that are known for its pepper-like, yet gassy scent that is positively uplifting.

Now, in regards to myrcene, it’s a monoterpene that’s known to offer relief for pain and anxiety. The fact that we freshly freeze all of our cannabis directly after harvest makes us able to fully develop this monoterpene’s presence in the mix. Strains that are strong in monoterpenes can often fall by the wayside during a dry cure. Thus, the marriage of the strong presence of caryophyllene with the relaxing wave of myrcene makes for a perfect hybrid strain that will propel you through your day. After consuming a substantial amount of Sour Dawg you’ll find yourself comfortably caught in your couch’s embrace.

The numbers for our Sour Dawg strain support all of the aforementioned. The THC for this strain is coming in at 68.81%, with even a presence of CBD at .12% to really engage the entourage effect. This is completely common, since our patent-pending method of extraction can get anywhere from 60-80% out of any strain we’re working with. Not to mention 4-15% terpenes for an unforgettable amount of additive-free flavor. Additionally, by placing our live-resin Liquid Diamonds™ in Pax Pods, we’re able to ensure safe, reliable technology is delivering you exactly what you want every time.

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