Buddies Brand Liquid Diamonds™ Feature 100% Live-Resin In Pax Pods

Pax is an incredibly popular brand that’s known for producing cutting-edge vaporizing technology. Their Pax Era is their sleek vaporizer battery that packs precision heating, discrete usability, portability, plus durable hardware. Buddies Brand is currently one of over fifty extraction partners working with Pax to produce pods filled with cannabis extracts. We are currently their only partner operating in California, Oregon, and Washington State.

We chose Pax specifically for the quality of their technology, hardware, and the Pax Era Pods. We knew the Pax Era would do our Liquid Diamonds™ justice thanks to the device’s ability to customize the temperature using a Bluetooth connection to anyone’s cell phone.


By utilizing our own method of extraction, Buddies Brand discovered a way to reduce live-resin “diamonds” back down into liquid form to create our Liquid Diamonds™ line. This method of BHO extraction produces cannabis oil that is able to retain an extremely high potency when it comes to terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. Pax Era Pods absorb our strain-specific Liquid Diamonds™ oil via their dual-wick system, a system that has been scientifically tested and doesn’t waste a single drop. 

Era Pods let you vape the entire pod without any questionable metallic flavored hits usually known to come at the end of an empty 510 thread. When choosing to vape our Liquid Diamonds™ through Pax Era Pods, you’re also giving yourself complete temperature control. Pax has designed a thoroughly reliable smartphone app that allows the user to find the perfect temperature spot for the perfect dose. Pax has truly found a way to streamline the process of finding the proper temperature for vaping your cannabis oil.

When vaping our 100% live-resin pods, you can choose a lower heat setting, usually between 520 and 550 degrees for a hit oozing in terpy flavor. In some cases, a higher heat setting may give a more powerful mind-altering and mood-altering effect that you can’t get from pure distillate.

We’re able to provide such flavorful cannabis products by working with specific cultivators who grow with our extraction methods in mind. The cannabis we use for extraction is cultivated in a way that helps each strain reach its genetic potential, plus we also fresh freeze it right away at harvest. The combination of quickly harvesting and freezing our cannabis before extracting it into BHO live-resin enables us to create terpene and THC-rich Liquid Diamonds™. Housing the live-resin extract in Pax Era pods was truly the most logical partnership when it comes to furthering our goal of always giving you exactly what you want.


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