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Last week, the Sonoma County Fairgrounds became a hotbed for integral exchanges in California’s legal cannabis industry. The 2019 Fall edition of Hall of Flowers saw Buddies Brand rise to new heights and officially take a seat at the California cannabis roundtable. This season’s edition of Hall of Flowers was incredible as the HoF team yet again raised the bar for B2B cannabis trade shows.

This time around, they brought in more than a hundred of California’s leading cannabis brands to span three exhibition halls, expanding from two halls, as well as an outdoor area at the fairgrounds. What’s more, by integrating two pop-up dispensaries, Show Grow and Garden of Eden, buyers and select guests were able to exchange coupons at the dispensaries for a small fee. In order to get their hands on samples of legal products, you had to be given a sample coupon and go exchange it at the dispensary. To top it all off, consuming the products on-site was both legal and highly encouraged. This made the exchange of business between buyers and sellers substantially easier.

Everywhere you turned, you could see people actively networking and creating new opportunities. We were personally able to connect with over one hundred brands while we proudly worked alongside PAX. Most major cannabis conventions and trade shows, you typically only see deals being made on the convention floor. At Hall of Flowers, you find yourself within earshot of an electric exchange between brands and professionals at all times.

The onset of Fall in Santa Rosa left the weather perfect for people to relax outside while others relentlessly sought out connections. By featuring many of the most respected brands and cannabis professionals in all of California, Hall of Flowers is creating a new apex of value. Attendees had the opportunity to connect with industry-leading award-winning brands such as Alien Labs, Cookies, Connected Cannabis, Puffco, Trees by Game, Leafly, and many others.

Did we mention all of the high-profile speakers? This year had the likes of Jim Jones, Chris “Drama” Pfaff, Shep Gordon, Coletrane Curtis, Bong Appetit’s Vanessa Lavorato, and several more. Not to mention the appearance of actor, and cannabis entrepreneur Seth Rogan on Thursday got everyone more than excited as he wandered around.

We left our second Hall of Flowers feeling like we weren’t the outsider anymore, but a member of a thriving cannabis community that sets a global standard. By filling the niche of uniting an expansive cannabis industry, Hall of Flowers has etched its name in stone as a proving ground for showcasing those who will forge ahead. Stay tuned for more updates on all things Buddies Brand and don’t forget to ask for our live-resin at your local licensed cannabis retailer.

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