6 Retailers In WA That Carry Liquid Diamonds Live-Resin

Buddies Brand is always working to expand our reach into new areas and states. Currently, we’re operating out of our home state of Oregon, but also California and Washington. One of our newest and most exciting products is our line of Liquid Diamonds Live-Resin that comes in 510 thread cartridges, drippers, and Pax pods. We’ve found a way to actually reduce live-resin “diamonds” back down into a liquid state that preserves insane amounts of terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. 

By working with freshly frozen cannabis, we’re able to create true strain-specific flavors and effects. If you’re a numbers person, the THC and terpene percentages on our Liquid Diamond Live-Resin products are seriously high. We’re talking THC consistently between 60-80% with terpenes hitting anywhere from 4-15%.

Our retailers are an extension of our business and we treat them like family. We work closely with each and every store that stocks our products to keep them well educated and excited about what we’re coming up with next. We carefully choose the shops that represent our products and the overall Buddies Brand. 

In Washington, you have a lot of options. No matter which part of the state you’re in, there’s a likely chance that Buddies Brand Liquid Diamonds Live-Resin products are close at hand. Here are some of the tried-and-true recreational cannabis stores from around Washington that you can find our new and potent products.

Greater Seattle

The Joint

What makes The Joint so reliable is its amount of locations. With six different spots around the western side of the state, this shop will always have what you need. Find them in Seattle, Tacoma, Kirkland, Burlington, Burien, and Bellingham.

Local Roots

Local Roots has north of Seattle covered. With unique and spacious retail spaces, Local Roots is a great place to find Buddies Brand products. They’re conveniently located in Edmonds, Granite Falls, and two spots in Everett. Stay up to date on products and vendor days with their regularly updated blog.

Spokane Valley

Lucky Leaf

When you’re visiting the eastern side of Washington there are quite a few recreational shops, but Lucky Leaf always has Buddies Brand products. You can rely on a positive experience and consistent product at this location in the heart of Spokane. Check their menu for more info.

The Vault Cannabis

Right off E 29th Ave, The Vault’s Spokane location is never short on Buddies Brand supplies. They also have locations in Lake Stevens and Silvana. Check out their website to learn more.


Trove Cannabis

What sets Trove Cannabis in Bellingham apart is its accessibility. They take cards for purchases, have full ADA accessibility, and are pet-friendly. Not to mention, they stock all the Buddies Brand Liquid Diamonds you could possibly need. Check their menu to fully investigate.


Cannazone has Bellingham and Mount Vernon covered for Buddies Brand products. You’ll be able to find all of the newest and freshest products at their locations. Order your Liquid Diamonds Live-Resin online with their convenient online-ordering system to pick up in the store quick and easy.

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