Diamonds and Sauce, Sauce and Diamonds. These are the simple ingredients that create a powerful and flavorful product. With the boom of the vape market, many places claim to include live resin in their cartridges. While live resin is undoubtedly involved in the process, often what you get are bits and pieces of live resin mixed with a distillate. That’s all well and good, but distillate doesn’t add much in terms of flavor and it lacks in a full spectrum plant profile that make live resin so unique.

Which is why Buddies Brand™ takes painstaking measures to bring pure live resin into their Liquid Diamonds™ live resin vape carts. Think a “dab in your pocket”. This is a true mixture of diamonds and sauce in liquid form! As the name suggests, Liquid Diamonds™ is a mixture of diamonds and sauce all in liquid form. Why is this important? When we talk about “diamonds,” we’re talking about the THCA crystals that contain mainly THC but fairly low amounts of terpenes, making them highly potent but generally low in flavor. Whereas “sauce” refers to the high terpene count concentrate that brings a lot of flavor into the mix but carries lower amounts of THC. Buddies Brand™ is able to bring both together at a very high quality in their Liquid Diamond live resin vape carts.  By liquefying the THCA diamonds, there is no need to add distillate to get the THC %  higher, not to mention the full spectrum experience of a live resin is much broader than a distilled oil mixture.

We achieve this by flash freezing or placing immediately into dry ice the resin at harvest and keeping it at sub-critical temperatures throughout the extracting process. This preserves the entire plant profile and creates a true full-spectrum cannabis extract. This 100% live resin extract is potent, flavorful, and pure. Buddies Brand™ understands that a product is only as good as the starting material, which is why we go the extra mile to preserve the true live resin effect for their Liquid Diamonds™ live resin vape carts. It’s great when a company cares enough about its product to want to handle it the right way, here at Buddies Brand™ we do just that and strive to become your brand of choice.

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